Let Me Clear My Throat

In a brilliant combination of rigorous study and conversational tone, actor and essayist Passarello has created a remarkably entertaining and thought-provoking look at the human voice and all of its myriad functions and sounds…. A wonderful collection for any reader and every library.

Library Journal (Starred Review)


In this funny, visceral collection of essays, Passarello explores the ways our voices can entertain us, connect us, ruin us, vent our pains, and tether us to a place or tradition….This striking debut is graceful even in its portrayal of the most barbaric groans and yelping cries.

Publisher’s Weekly


“The beauty of Elena Passarello’s voice is that it’s so confidently its own. She’s not selling her subjects. She writes with the kind of calm assumption of interest you make in a good friend (if a good listener) over dinner. But what she’s saying is always unexpected, and full of information. I began with her essay wondering what the space aliens will make of ‘Johnny B. Goode’ on the Voyager gold record, and couldn’t stop after that.”

—John Jeremiah Sullivan


“A dinner party at which David Sedaris, Mary Roach and Marlon Brando are trying to out-monologue one another.”

Philadelphia Weekly

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